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Striking gold on job front

Open-cut mine west of cairns set to unleash treasures on region as work kicks into gear a repurposed open-cut gold mine west of Cairns is set to deliver a jobs boom as major earth, electrical and mechanical works hit top gear following a construction start of the Kidston pumped hydro project’s upper reservoir.

International Journal on Hydropower & Dams Issue 2, 2022: The global renaissance of pumped storage

In order to succeed in changing to a sustainable energy supply and also achieve climate protection goals, we have to build hydropower plants and also wind and solar farms all over the world. However, as wind turbines and solar cells don’t provide a regular supply of electricity, electrical energy storage devices will be needed on a large scale. Technologies like lithium-ion batteries alone will not suffice.

Andritz Annual Report 2021: Success Story Hydro – Solar Gold

In order to succeed in changing to a sustainable energy supply and also achieve climate protection goals, we have to build hydropower plants and also wind and solar farms all over the world. However, as wind turbines and solar cells don’t provide a regular supply of electricity, electrical energy storage devices will be needed on a large scale. Technologies like lithium-ion batteries alone will not suffice.

Andritz Hydro News

Featuring an innovative approach to integrating solar power and low-cost energy storage, Kidston is set to be the world’s first co-located solar pumped storage hydropower plant. Located in an abandoned gold mine in Queensland, Australia, once complete it will deliver ‘Renewable Energy on Tap’. ANDRITZ is supplying the electro-mechanical equipment for the pumped storage hydro elements of this ground-breaking new project.

Tesla in revenue guarantee for Bouldercombe battery

ASX-listed renewables developer Genex Power has signed an innovative 20-year deal for Tesla Motors Australia to operate its A$55m–$60m (US$39m–$43m) merchant Bouldercombe Battery in Queensland, while parent Tesla will provide a corporate guarantee for a minimum base revenue for the first eight years.

Elon Musk’s Tesla to back central Queensland battery project in Australian-first collaboration

US company Tesla has its sights set on central Queensland for an energy project and, in a first for Australia, will provide long-term financial support. Genex, the company behind the Bouldercombe battery project, says it also has contracts for Elon Musk’s Tesla to supply a large, 50-megawatt battery and will use their algorithm-powered bidding system to sell power.

Genex Power signs offtake agreement with Tesla

Genex Power (GNX) pens an offtake agreement with Tesla Motors Australia for the Bouldercombe Battery Project in central Queensland. Under the agreement, Tesla will operate the project using its algorithm-based bidding system, Autobidder, which is designed to maximise the project’s revenue.

ASX shares and the $41 trillion climate change investment opportunity

Climate change is an issue front of mind for many these days. Even companies are now viewing it as a credible risk to our way of life. ASX shares are likely to be impacted by climate change, but it could also reap huge benefits for companies working towards net zero emissions.

What could the latest climate report mean for ASX 200 shares?

The latest findings from the most comprehensive climate report released to date have rattled ASX 200 shares today. What has been described as a ‘code red for humanity’, the report produced by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has unearthed some concerning conclusions.

Hydro to pump North Queensland jobs

More than 900 construction jobs will be created in North Queensland with the state’s first pumped hydro storage project in almost forty years reaching financial close.

Genex powers ahead with 250 MW pumped hydro project

Construction is set to commence on the 250 MW Kidston Pumped Hydro Storage Project later this month after developer Genex Power announced it had secured all the financing required to progress the $775 million project.


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