50MW Kidston Solar Project (KS1)

KS1 has been operating since 2017, located in Kidston, Far-North Queensland

Powering up to 26,000 homes

50MW Kidston Solar Project (KS1)

KS1 is the first of four projects that comprise the Kidston Clean Energy Hub, located in Kidston, Far-North Queensland.

This site was selected in order to take advantage of the highest solar radiation zone in the country.  The project has 540,000 solar panels operating on a single axis tracking system with an anticipated project life of 30 years.

Project Status
Construction Finished

Successfully built on-time and on-budget.

Generating into NEM

Generating electricity into the National Electricity Market.

20-Yr Revenue Support Deed

Project finance underpinned by 20-yr QLD Govt. Support Deed.

Location Advantages
Highest radiation zone

Located in the highest radiation zone of Australia (>24MJ/m2 p.day).

Excellent topography

Utilises the tailings storage facility of the Kidston Gold Mine.

Existing 132Kv transmission

Existing connection to the National Electricity Market.

Generation & Benefits
Generates up to 145,000 MWh/yr
Powers up to 26,000 homes
Offsets up to 120,000t of CO2/yr

About the project

The project reached financial close in February 2017, with a total funded construction cost of $115M.   Financing was underpinned by the 20-year Revenue Support Deed with the Queensland Government for 100% of the energy generated from the Project, in addition to a $8.9M funding grant provided by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.  

First energisation occurred in November 2017, with the project successfully built on-time and on-budget through EPC Contractor UGL. 

The project generates up to 145GWh (145,000MWh) of renewable electricity per year, which is equivalent to powering over 26,000 Australian homes and offsetting over 120,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

Quick Facts


Far-North Queensland

AC capacity:


DC capacity:


Capacity Factor:


Annual output:


Project lifespan:

30 years

Number of panels:


Panel manufacturer:

First Solar Inc.

Tracking system:

Single Axis

Tracking manufacturer:


Inverter manufacturer:


Transformer manufacturer:



132kV Ergon Energy

EPC Contractor:


O&M Contractor :


Project cost:


Funding grant:

ARENA ($8.9M)


Queensland Government

Knowledge Sharing
  • Capital Expenditure = $115,422,000 
  • Cumulative AC Energy Delivered to the Grid (P50) = 145,606 MWh/year
    • Q1 = 34,162 MWh
    • Q2 = 32,766 MWh
    • Q3 = 38,036 MWh
    • Q4 = 40, 641 MWh
  • GHI (Global Horizontal Irradiation) = 2,155 kWh/m2
  • Debt-Equity Ratio = 74%

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