Our purpose is to lead Australia’s transition to a clean energy future. Renewable energy generation and sustainability is central to our business strategy.

Our employees, contractors and communities are all critical to the long‑term success of our business and the delivery of our business strategy.

  • Continuation of COVID-19 protocols to ensure our people and communities remain safe
  • Commitment to managing risk and driving safety leadership through our organisation and ensuring our contractors implement best practice
  • Strong focus on diversity and indigenous engagement within our workforce.

We seek to build strong, enduring and supportive relationships with our employees based on trust and mutual respect. Whilst acknowledging individual accountability and diversity of opinion, we strive for the achievement of collective results.

Genex Power Health and Safety Policy 2020:


Genex ESG Statement:



By 2025 our portfolio of renewable power projects will provide clean energy to over 350,000 homes offsetting almost 2 megatonne of CO2 per annum.
100MW Solar

100MW of solar in operation

Up to 775MW in development

250MW Hydro

250MW/2000MWh under construction

50MW Battery

50MW/100MWh large-scale BESS in operation

~400MW/1600MWh in development

258MW Wind

258MW wind in development

The clean energy sector in Australia is accelerating, yet many states are well short of their targets providing growth opportunities for Genex 1.

Annual Electricity Generation in 2023 (%)

Renewable Generation vs Target by 2035 (%)

1. Source: Clean Energy Council Report 2024

As part of our mission as generators of clean energy, we ensure we account for, and take care of the environment and communities that are affected by our projects.

Genex is committed to providing responsible stewardship of the natural resources over which we have control or influence. We believe that preserving, protecting and, where appropriate, remediating the natural environment is essential for the wellbeing of current and future generations.

  • Strict focus on minimising disturbance 
  • Commitment to conserving and protecting the environments we operate in 
  • K2-Hydro converting disturbed mine site to sustainable energy generation 
  • 2 million tonnes CO2 abatement by 2025

We are deeply cognisant of the unique local environments in which we operate. We have a strong focus on minimising the disturbance we create in our operations by:

  • Our commitment to conserving and protecting the environments in which we operate, as illustrated by the “Recycling And Reuse Programme” which is being implemented at the Kidston Clean Energy Hub;
  • Rehabilitating a disused mine site to develop the sustainable and productive Kidston Clean Energy Hub; and
  • Increasing our focus on responsible sourcing of raw materials used in the construction of our assets.

Genex engages in extensive consultation through the life‑cycle of our projects to ensure we communicate with and are responsive to our communities, endeavouring to always act honestly and fairly.

Genex depends on the support of the communities that host our assets. We seek to ensure our operations make valuable social and economic contributions to our communities and at the same time do not negatively affect the safety of the community, the natural environment or heritage.

  • Genex is focused on job creation in our local communities
  • We are an equal opportunity employer in accordance with our Diversity Policy and, as such, the Company does not discriminate on the basis of racial origin, gender, age, ethnicity, marital status, disability, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual preference or political affiliation;
  • Our Indigenous Engagement Strategy is promoting indigenous employment and procurement at the Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro Project;
  • 900 jobs have been created around the Kidston Clean Energy Hub and along the transmission route to Mount Fox;
  • 151 jobs were created at the Jemalong Solar Project, comprising 68% local, 22% female and 11% indigenous;
  • 170 jobs were created during construction at the Kidston Solar One Project, comprising 35% female and 15% indigenous and;
  • Approximately ~1000 jobs to be created via new projects in 2024.
Genex Indigenous Apprenticeship Training Program
Genex Indigenous Apprenticeship Training Program