Up to 258MW Kidston Wind Project

The Kidston Stage-3 Wind Project is located in Kidston, Far-North Queensland, and will leverage existing infrastructure and co-location advantages to Kidston Pumped Hydro Project.

Community Engagement
Land Option Secured

Up to 258MW Kidston Wind Project

The company has signed a development funding agreement with its prospective JV partner, J-POWER, to earn 50% in the Project through an earn-in arrangement.

Genex and J-POWER, are advancing the early stage of works associated with K3-Wind including modelling the wind resource at a number of sites at the Kidston Clean Energy Hub, and development of the project will be expedited through monitoring, planning and other feasibility workstreams over the next 12-18 months.

It is anticipated that the project will connect into the new 275kV transmission line being constructed by Powerlink Queensland for the K2-Hydro, which is expected to be completed in 2024. The combination of wind, solar and hydro completes the Kidston Clean Energy Hub (a globally unique integration).

Project Status
Land Option Secured

Exclusive land option with key local stakeholders.

Development Stage

In development and proposed to connect into new K2X substation in 2025.

Resource Monitoring

Early indications of strong, consistent wind resources.

Location Advantages
Strong Existing Relationships

Existing relationship with community and project stakeholders.

Excellent Topography

Naturally elevated escarpment approximately 21km long.

Existing Infrastructure

Accommodation camp, airstrip and solid road access.