270MW Kidston Solar 2 Project

The up to 270MW Kidston Solar Project forms part of the Kidston Clean Energy Hub.

Integrated Project

270MW Kidston Solar 2 Project

The 270MW Kidston Solar 2 Project has the ability to integrate with the Kidston Pumped Storage Project to power the pumping cycle.

Innovation & Significance
Renewable Energy Charger

Ability to integrate with Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro Project

Land & development approval sought

If operating today, would be the largest solar project in the southern hemisphere.

Highest radiation zone

Located in the highest radiation zone of Australia (>24MJ/m2 per day).

Generation & Benefits
Will generate up to 783,000 MWh/yr
Will power up to 143,000 homes
Will offset up to 648,000t of CO2/yr